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PCM4204 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Simple configuration using onboard DIP switches
  • Four differential voltage inputs supporting either 3-pin ALR or Balanced TRES connections
  • Four 75-ohm AES3-encoded outputs, supporting operation up to 216kHz sampling Rates
  • Second PCM4204 provides a test mode for 1-bit DSD to 24-bit linear PCM format conversions
  • Flexible power supply configuration using either onboard regulatorsor external supplies
  • External system clock inputs supporting alternative sampling rates up to 216kHz

Texas Instruments  PCM4204EVM

The PCM4204EVM provides a convenient platform for evaluating the performance and functionality of the PCM4204 device. There are two PCM4204 on this EVM one for input and output signals and a second to support the conversion test mode and a demo mode. Input audio signals are buffered and filtered using low noise input circuits, utilizing the Texas Instruments OPA1632 OP AMPs. Manual resets are provided for both PCM4204 devices and the AES3 transmitters. That is, an ADC RESET switch and a DIT RESET switch are utilized separately for resetting the AES3 transmitters. The system can accept external oscillators, or use the onboard crystal oscillators, as clock sources. The onboard crystals provide a low jitter clock to measure the performance of the two PCM4204 devices. Analog and digital power supply voltages are connected to the board through onboard terminals.