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PGA302 Pressure Sensor Signal Conditioner Evaluation Module



  • Access to all communication interfaces offered by PGA302EVM-037 including OWI and I2C
  • Onboard resistive bridge emulator to simulate output from typical pressure sensor
  • Connections for external temperature and pressure sensors, with onboard voltage excitation for resistive bridges
  • Fully-tested EVM with available GUI software and USB interface and firmware

Texas Instruments  PGA302EVM-037

PGA302EVM-037 is an evaluation module (EVM) that provides a platform to test the PGA302 in the TSSOP package. PGA302EVM-037 is shipped with a PGA302 device soldered down on the board. The user is able to emulate a pressure sensor with an onboard resistive bridge controlled by a digital potentiometer, generate input voltages, and evaluate the voltage mode and digital outputs of the PGA302.