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PGA309 Evaluation Module



  • Flexible hardware allows for full testing of prototype.
    • EVM Hardware generates and measures all required signals.
    • Software for automatic sensor calibration provided.
    • Connections for external sensor provided
    • Sensor emulator allows out-of-the-box testing
    • Texas Instruments  PGA309EVM-USB

      The PGA309EVM-USB key hardware consists of two boards, PGA309 Test Board and USB DAQ Platform. The PGA309 Test Board contains the PGA309, terminal strips for external connections, several jumpers for device configuration, and support circuitry. The PGA309 Test Board can be used to fully test your design before prototyping it. The USB DAQ Platform contains an 8052 microcontroller with a built in USB interface. The microcontroller generates the one-wire signals necessary to communicate with the PGA309. The USB DAQ Platform also contains, a 3V/5V programmable linear regulator, a switch for power control, general purpose digital I/O, DAC outputs, and A/D inputs.The software is windows based graphical software allows the user to communicate with and configure the PGA309. It provides a block diagram and register based description of the device. The auto-calibration feature allows full calibration over temperature for a bridge sensor. A built in sensor emulator allows you to calibrate using an emulated sensor before connecting your real world sensor. Sensor emulation simplifies the learning and testing process for your sensor module.