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PGA411-Q1 Evaluation Module




  • Integrated Exciter Amplifier (145 mA, 5 Vin) and Boost Power Supply (10V-17V, 5 Vin)
  • Developed using SafeTI for ISO26262 and IEC61508
  • Analog and Logic Built-In-Self-Test (BIST)
  • Programmable fault thresholds and filters


Texas Instruments  PGA411Q1EVM

The PGA411-Q1 is a resolver to digital converter with an integrated exciter amplifier, boost regulator power supply, that is capable of both exciting and reading the sine and cosine angle from a resolver sensor. The integration of the exciter amplifier and boost supply with protections in the PGA411-Q1 enables BOM cost and PCB space reductions for customer’s solutions due to the elimination of most external and passive components. The PGA411-Q1 has an internal clock to generation a sine wave used for sensor excitation and has an option for using an external clock. This feature is one of the many of this device that allows flexibility in both sensor choice and platform scalability. The architecture of the Analog Front End in the device allows the user to get a full 12 bits of resolution for the angle position and velocity calculations. Due to the high integration of the PGA411-Q1 has diagnostics and protection on each internal block inside the device.  The integrated continuous diagnostics monitor can signal a fault condition through a dedicated pin which can be used as a MCU interrupt via the SPI bus.