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TI-PMLK Buck-Boost Experiment Board using LM5118 with TI-PMLK Buck-Boost Experiment Book



  • Expanding the BuckBoost topology knowledge using the LM5118
  • The BuckBoost board is configurable with jumpers for different exercises
  • The BuckBoost Board is accompanied by a bound version of the BuckBoost Experiments Book


The BuckBoost Experiments Board is one board as part of the Texas Instruments Power Management Lab Kit (TI-PMLK) Series.  The BuckBoost Experiments Board uses the LM5118 IC.  The box that is shipped will contain the TI-PMLKBUCKBOOSTEVM Hardware along with a bound version of the BuckBoost Experiments Book that steps individuals through several experiments to reinforce their understanding of power supply design.  The TI-PMLK is intended to educate users and developers on electronic theory and TI power supply design through experiments.