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TI-PMLK Buck Experiment Board using TPS54160 & LM3475 with TI-PMLK Buck Experiment Lab Book



  • Two different IC sections to expand the learning experience
  • Each section is configurable with jumpers for different exercises
  • The Buck Board is accompanied by a bound version of the Buck Experiments Book           

Texas Instruments  PMLKBUCKEVMB

The TI-PMLK Buck Experiment Board is part of the TI Power Management Lab Kit (TI-PMLK) series. TI-PMLK series provides hands on learning to reinforce power supply knowledge. The modular format allows users to customize the TI-PMLK series experience in a way that makes the most impact on their overall understanding of power supply design. The TI-PMLK Buck Experiment Board features TPS54160 and LM3475. The TI-PMLK Buck Experiment Lab Book includes theories and experiments covering a variety of tests for steady-state, transient and dynamic conditions seen in real world applications.