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Micro-power, 2-channel, 350-kHz, 1.2-V to 5.5-V RRIO operational amplifier

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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier Operating temperature range (°C)
X2QFN (RUG) | 10 3,000 | LARGE T&R
-40 to 125
Package | Pins X2QFN (RUG) | 10
Package qty | Carrier 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125
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Features for the TLV9042

  • Operational from supply voltage as low as 1.2 V
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Low quiescent current: 10 µA/ch
  • High gain bandwidth product: 350 kHz
  • Low integrated noise of 6.5 µVp-p in 0.1 Hz –10 Hz
  • Low input offset voltage: ±0.6 mV
  • Low input bias current: 1 pA
  • Unity-gain stable
  • Robustly drives 100 pF of load capacitance
  • Internal RFI and EMI filtered input pins
  • Wide specified temperature range: –40°C to 125°C
  • Low power CMOS amplifier for cost-optimized applications

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Description for the TLV9042

The low-power TLV904x family includes single (TLV9041), dual (TLV9042) and quad-channel (TLV9044) ultra low-voltage (1.2 V to 5.5 V) operational amplifiers (op amps) with rail-to-rail input and output swing capabilities. These op amps provide a cost-effective solution for power and space-constrained applications such as battery powered IoT devices, wearable electronics, and personal electronics where low-voltage operation is usually desired. TLV904x is one of the few op amp families in the industry that enables 1.5-V coin cell battery powered applications.

TLV904x achieves excellent balance between performance and power consumption. The device delivers optimum gain bandwidth, low noise, and high cap load drive while consuming just 10 µA of quiescent current. This enables customers to achieve their desired performance targets and helps them save valuable battery power. Further power savings can be achieved from low-voltage operation at 1.2 V compared to a 1.8-V, 3.3-V, or 5-V operation.

The robust design of the TLV904x family simplifies circuit design. These op amps feature rail-to-rail input and output, unity-gain stability, an integrated RFI and EMI rejection filter, and has no-phase reversal in overdrive conditions.

The TLV904x devices include a shutdown mode (TLV9041S, TLV9042S, and TLV9044S) that allow the amplifiers to switch off and enter into a standby mode with typical current consumption of less than 150 nA.

Space saving micro-size packages, such as X2QFN and WSON, are offered for all channel variants (single, dual, and quad), along with industry-standard packages such as SOIC, VSSOP, TSSOP, and SOT-23 packages.


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