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High-power, 8-channel, power-over-ethernet PSE with 200mΩ RSENSE


Package | PIN: VQFN (RTQ) | 56
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $9.42
10-24 $8.47
25-99 $7.91
100-249 $7.10
250-499 $6.62
500-749 $5.76
750-999 $4.99
1000+ $4.89


  • IEEE 802.bt PSE solution for PoE applications
  • Eight independent PSE channels
  • Resistor selectable Autonomous operation
  • Compatible with TI’s FirmPSE system firmware
  • SRAM Programmable memory
  • Programmable power limiting accuracy ±2.5%
  • 200-mΩ Current sense resistor
  • Legacy PD capacitance measurement
  • Selectable 2-pair or 4-pair port power allocations
    • 15.4 W, 30 W, 45 W, 60 W, 75 W or 90 W
  • Single and dual signature PD compatibility
  • Dedicated 14-bit integrating current ADC per port
    • Noise immune MPS for DC disconnect
    • 2% Current sensingaccuracy
  • 1- and 3-Bit fast port shutdown input
  • Auto-class discovery and power measurement
  • Inrush and operational foldback protection
  • Port re-mapping
  • Flexible processor controlled operating modes
    • Auto, semi auto and manual / diagnostic
  • Per Port voltage monitoring and telemetry
  • –40°C to +125°C Temperature operation
  • Ultra Low Alpha (ULA) packaging (TPS23881A)

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Texas Instruments  PTPS23881ARTQT

The TPS23881 is an8-channel power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller engineered to insert power onto Ethernet cablesin accordance with the IEEE 802.3bt standard.  The eight individual power channels can beconfigured in any combination of 2-Pair (1-channel) or 4-Pair (2-channels) PoE Ports. The PSEcontroller can detect powered devices (PDs) that have a valid signature, determine the powerrequirements of the devices according to their classification, and apply power.

The TPS23881 improves on the TPS23880 with reduced current senseresistors, more accurate programable power limiting, capacitance measurement, and the ability tooperate from ROM (see Device Comparison Table). The TPS23881 is also compatible with TI’sFirmPSEsystem firmware, which provides a fully configurable solution for controlling multiple TPS23881devices in systems offering up to 48-ports of 4-pair PoE power.

Programmable SRAM enables in-field firmware upgradability overI2C to ensure interoperability with the latest PoE enabled devices.  Dedicated per port ADCs provide continuousport current monitoring and the ability to perform parallel classification measurements for fasterport turn on times. A ±2.5% accurate programmable port power limit providesthe ability to expand the maximum power sourced from 90 W to upwards of125 W. The200 mΩ current sense resistor andexternal FET architecture allow designs to balance size, efficiency, thermal, and solution costrequirements.