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Analog Front End for residential smoke alarm

Availability: 193


Package | PIN: HTSSOP (DCP) | 38
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Package qty | Carrier: 50 | JEDEC TRAY (10+1)
Qty Price
1-99 $3.89
100-249 $3.49
250-999 $2.49
1,000+ $2.11


  • Photo Chamber AFE
    • Dual 8-bit programmable current LEDdrivers
    • Temperature compensation of LED current
    • Ultra-lowoffset trans-impedance amplifier for photodiodes
    • Programmable and bypassablegain stage
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor AFE
    • Ultra-low offset gain stage
    • Programmable gain andreference
  • Horn Driver
    • Two-terminal and three-terminal piezoelectric buzzerdriver
    • Self-resonant driver with duty cycle tuning
    • PWMsupport for arbitrary sound waveforms
  • Power Management
    • Low quiescent current LDO for internal supply
    • ProgrammableLDO for external microcontroller
    • DC-DC boostconverter for horn, interconnect, battery test
  • Interconnection bus
    • Interconnect driver and receiver
    • Short-circuit currentlimit
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • I2C serial interface
  • Programmable battery test load
  • Configurable fault monitor with pin interrupt signal

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Texas Instruments  PTPS8802DCP

The TPS8802 is a smoke alarm ASICspecialized for residential smoke alarms. The TPS8802 integrates all of theregulators, amplifiers, and drivers required for a dual-wavephotoelectric smoke alarm and carbon monoxide (CO)detection system. Its high flexibility is ideal for smoke alarm systems where precision and powerconsumption are critical.

The wide input voltage range combined with low standby powerconsumption and power-saving features support 10-year battery life operation from a single lithiumprimary battery. The TPS8802 also supports battery backup smoke alarms,seamlessly remaining powered when the mains supply drops or if the battery is disconnected.