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Fundamentals of power supply design book

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Written by Bob Mammano, a pioneer in the power supply industry, The Fundamentals of Power Supply Design starts out with the basics of power supply design  and then addresses advanced topics such as topology selection, magnetics design and minimizing EMI. This book is a readable resource that contains equations and theories but also chronicles the history of the power supply industry. Actual measurements are also used throughout the book to illustrate practical example circuits. Whether you are a new or seasoned power engineer, purchase yours today to have this book as your go-to source for all things power supply.


Here is a brief overview of the key areas included:
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Power Supply Components
  • Switching Power Topologies
  • Switching Control Algorithms
  •  Closing the Feedback Loop
  • Designing Magnetic Components
  • Ancillary Power Circuits
  • Dealing with Electromagnetic Noise
  • Power Supply Fault Management
  • The Quest for Higher Efficiency
  • Digital Power Control
  • Power-Supply Construction


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