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REF6025 voltage reference evaluation module



  • TI’s first ultra-high precision reference
  • Introduces ADC drive buffer which is an integrated high bandwidth, output impedance buffer that helps achieve the lowest distortion, ultra-low-noise data acquisition systems
  • Introduces burst mode data acquisition with first-sample correct to 18-bit resolution that is useful in event-triggered, multiplexed and variable sampling rate data acquisition system.
  • Industry best-in-class noise (3 µVrms vs 10 µVrms), long-term drift (15 ppm vs 20 ppm) and power consumption (750 µA vs competition's 2 mA)

Texas Instruments  REF6025EVM-PDK

The REF6025EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluating the performance of the REF6025 voltage reference. The evaluation kit brings out the burst mode performance of the device which is a key feature of the device.