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SD3GDA 3 Gbps SDI Distribution Amplifier EVM



  • Single input and dual output distribution amplifier
  • Option for monitoring recovered serial clock or second data output from reclocker
  • Automatic or manual data rate selection
  • Independent equalizer and reclocker bypass
  • Signal detection, lock detection, and data rate indication LEDs

Texas Instruments  SD3GDAEVK

The SD3GDAEVK is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the performance and capabilities of the LMH0344 SDI cable equalizer, LMH0346 SDI reclocker, and LMH0302 SDI cable driver. The devices are configured on the board to function as a distribution amplifier. The LMH0344 cable equalizer receives the SDI input and compensates for the cable losses encountered between the signal source and the input. The LMH0346 reclocker retimes the signal and reduces jitter, and the LMH0302 cable driver provides two SDI outputs.