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Prototype Audio Plug-in Module


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  • Compatible with TI Audio Plug-in Module Ecosystem
  • Prototype using either the included breadboard or perf-board dot pattern
  • Class-D Input and Outputs provided on a 100 mil header
  • Connect to TI Class-D Audio EVMs (Check compatibility)

Texas Instruments  SIDEGIG-PROTOEVM

The TI Prototype Audio Plug-in Module turns TI Audio Class-D amplifier EVM’s into your sandbox. Need to prototype a pre-amplifier circuit or test an opamp with TI Class-D EVMs, then start with the DIY Audio Plug-in Module.

Start your prototype on the included breadboard or solder directly to the PCB with the perf-board dot pattern. All of the Class-D inputs and outputs are at your disposal free to connect to. Create any audio or even non-audio circuit you want with TI Class-D amplifier EVMs.