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SmartRF Transceiver Evaluation Board

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Features for the SMARTRFTRXEBK

  • MSP430F5438A microcontroller
  • 64x128 pixels serial LCD
  • 4 general purpose LEDs
  • 5 push-buttons
  • 256 kB serial flash
  • Three-axis digital accelerometer
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Jumpers for current measurements
  • Break-out pins
  • Full-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • SmartRF Studio Support

Description for the SMARTRFTRXEBK

The SmartRF Transceiver Evaluation Board (TrxEB) is intended to be used together with Texas Instruments’ low-power RF transceivers for evaluation, performance testing and software development.

The following transceiver evaluation modules are supported:

  • CC1101EM*
  • CC11xLEM*
  • CC112xEM*
  • CC1175EM*
  • CC1200EM*
  • CC2500EM
  • CC2520EM

(*) all frequency variants and combinations with CC1190 also supported

The evaluation modules can be bought separately on TI Store as EMKs (evaluation module kits).

What can you do with the SmartRF TrxEB?

  • Develop your radio protocol on the MSP430F5438A MCU. Refer to the code examples on the relevant transceiver’s web page.
  • Evaluate the performance of the transceiver using SmartRF Studio.
  • Compare results obtained with the TrxEB+EM with results from your own hardware.
  • Test your RF design using known good software by connecting the radio on your board to the TrxEB. SmartRF Studio can then be used to exercise the radio.
  • Test your software using known good RF hardware by connecting the MCU on your board to a transceiver EM via breakout pins on the TrxEB.

Please refer to the SmartRFTrxEB User’s Guide for the most up-to-date information about the board. The guide will describe how to install drivers, more details about the peripherals on the board and how to interface with the transceiver evaluation module.

Inventory: In stock


Qty Price (USD)
1+ 149.0

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