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SMV512K32-SP Breakout Evaluation Board

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Features for the SMV512K32-CVAL

  • Space-grade Radiation Hardened HARDSIL™ technology
  • 512K Words by 32 bit Asynchronous 16Mb SRAM
  • 20ns Read, 13.8ns Write Maximum Access Time
  • 200μA (Typ) Ultra low Standby Current (ISB)
  • Error Detection and Correction (EDAC)
  • Scrub Engine for autonomous correction (scrub frequency and delay are user defined)
  • Radiation performance:
  • TID = 300kRad(Si)
  • SER < 5e‐17 upsets/bit‐day
  • Proton upset saturation cross section < 3e‐16cm2/bit
  • Latch up immunity > LET = 110 MeV‐cm2/mg (T=125°C)
  • Direct connection to pattern generation and capture hardware for analysis
  • Description for the SMV512K32-CVAL

    The SMV512K32-CVAL is a circuit board which allows the designer to populate a Texas Instruments SMV512K32-SP 16-Mbit Asynchronous SRAM memory into the ENPLAS OTQ-132-0.635-01 socket. This breakout board can be used in tandem with a pattern generation and capture hardware to demonstrate the memory function features of the 16-Mbit asynchronous SRAM memory.