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SN55LVCP22-SP Evaluation Module



  • High Speed (>1000 Mbps) Upgrade for DS90CP22 2x2 LVDS Crosspoint Switch
  • Low-Jitter Fully Differential Data Path
  • 50 ps (Typ), of Peak-to-Peak Jitter With PRBS = 223-1 Pattern
  • Less Than 200 mW (Typ), 300 mW (Max) Total Power Dissipation
  • Output (Channel-to-Channel) Skew Is 80 ps (Typ)
  • Configurable as 2:1 Mux, 1:2 Demux, Repeater or 1:2 Signal Splitter
  • Inputs Accept LVDS, LVPECL, and CML Signals
  • Fast Switch Time of 1.7 ns (Typ)
  • Fast Propagation Delay of 0.65 ns (Typ)
  • Available in 16 pin CFP Package
  • Inter-Operates With TIA/EIA-644-A LVDS
  • Standard Military Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Base Stations
  • Add/Drop Muxes
  • Protection Switching for Serial Backplanes
  • Network Switches/Routers Optical Networking Line Cards/Switches
  • Clock Distribution

Texas Instruments  SN55LVCP22EVM-CVAL

The SN55LVCP22 (LVDS output) is a high-speed 2x2 crosspoint switch. The four different functions that this crosspoint provides are shown below. The functions are selected via pins SEL0 and SEL1. Control pins EN0 and EN1 enable or disable the outputs. The receiver has a wide input common-mode voltage range with an ability to accept LVDS, LVPECL and CML signaling rates (see Figure 1). The signal paths on this EVM include 8 edge-launch SMA connectors (J8-J16) for high-speed data transmission, 2 jumpers for active switch logic control, 2 jumpers (J6 and J7) for enabling and disabling the outputs, and three banana jacks (J3, J4, J5) for power and ground connections. Note GND is tied to VCC01 to allow for proper common mode termination to 50 Ω loads.

Note: This EVM contains Pb, a necessary component for QML parts