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SN6501 transformer driver for isolated power supplies evaluation module



  • Push-Pull Driver for Small Transformers
  • Single 3.3V or 5V Supply
  • High Primary-side Current Drive
  • Low Ripple on Rectified Output

Texas Instruments  SN6501-MULXFMR-EVM

The SN6501-Multi-Xfmr EVM is configured with five independent circuits providing options to operate using either a +3.3Vdc or +5.0Vdc input and provides isolated 3.3Vdc or 5.0Vdc outputs. Two of the circuits include LDO's to regulate the output. The five configurations include 3Vdc-to-3Vdc with no LDO, 5Vdc-to-5Vdc with no LDO, 3Vdc-to-5Vdc with no LDO, 3Vdc-to-5Vdc with an LDO, and a 3Vdc/5Vdc-to-3Vdc/5Vdc with a selectable LDO output.