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SN65HVD22EVM Evaluation Module



This EVM allows for the quick, easy, and accurate evaluation of TI's HVD2x family of RS-485 products. The PWB also, facilitates different medium interconnections and the use of various transmission topologies.

  • Hardware: SN65HVD22 EVM PWB
  • Screw-type SMA jacks and Bergstik headers serve as the I/O connections.
  • Banana jacks serve as the DC power input terminals.

Texas Instruments  SN65HVD22EVM

This EVM will allow designers to develop and analyze data transmission systems using the SN65HVD2x family from Texas Instruments. This series of devices, including the SN65HVD20, SN65HVD21, SN65HVD22, SN65HVD23, and SN65HVD24, comply with TIA/EIA-485. Also, these devices use the industry standard '176' and '180' footprint, allowing standard devices such as the SN75176 or SN75ALS180 to be installed onto the EVM. The HVD22EVM has the SN65HVD22 transceiver installed on the EVM, however other SN65HVD2x devices can be sampled and be added to the EVM PWB.

The EVM can be used to evaluate device parameters while acting as a guide for board layout. The board allows for the connection of a 100-ohm controlled impedance cable of varying lengths. This provides the designer with a functional tool for his circuit evaluation that will facilitate the successful first-pass design of an end product.