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SN65HVD72EVM Evaluation Module



  • The EVM allows for the quick, easy, and accurate evaluation of TI's HVD7x family of RS-485 products.
    • Hardware:
  • Screw-type SMA jacks and Bergstik headers serve as the I/O connections
  • Banana jacks serve as the DC power input terminals

Texas Instruments  SN65HVD72EVM

The SN65HVD72EVM helps designers evaluate the device performance, supporting fast development and analysis of data transmission systems using the SN65HVD72/SN65HVD75/SN65HVD78 transceivers. The EVM board comes with the SN65HVD75 (20Mbps) device soldered to the board. The EVM kit includes an IC sample pack with the SN65HVD72 (250kbps) and the SN65HVD78 (50Mbps) device. Either device can be evaluated by replacing the SN65HVD75 with the desired speed grade device.