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SN65LVDS31-32BEVM Evaluation Module for LVDS31 and LVDS32B



  • Allows quick, easy, and accurate evaluation of TI's LVDS products
  • Permits different interconnections for various topologies
  • This EVM is CE compliant for distribution within the European Community

Texas Instruments  SN65LVDS31-32BEVM

TI offers a series of low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) evaluation modules (EVMs) designed for analysis of the electrical characteristics of LVDS drivers and receivers. Four unique EVMs are available to evaluate the different classes of LVDS devices offered by TI.

Combination Table

As seen in the table above, various combinations of drivers and receivers are supported by the different EVMs. Both drivers shown in the table are pin-compatible, as are the three receivers. The same printed circuit board (PCB) has been used for all four EVMs, resulting in the same operating instructions included herein.

The SN65LVDS31-32BEVM includes a SN65LVDS31 quad driver and SN65LVDS32B quad receiver. The SN65LVDS32B is a TIA/EIA-644 standard-compliant LVDS receiver, with extended common-mode capabilities, and an active failsafe circuit. The SN65LVDS32B receivers operate over a common-mode input voltage range of -2V to +4.4V, almost triple the operational range required by the TIA/EIA-644 standard. The SN65LVDS32B's failsafe circuit includes a window comparator that provides operation over the entire common-mode range, allowing for activation even when an external common-mode voltage is applied to the bus.