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16-channel LVDS Receiver Evaluation Module



  • Allows quick, easy, and accurate evaluation of TI's LVDS products
  • Permits different interconnections for various topologies
  • Supporting documentation included (EVM User's Guide)
  • This EVM is CE-compliant for distribution within the European Community

Both the driver (SN65LVDS387EVM) and receiver (SN65LVDS386EVM) EVMs use the same printed-wiring board (PWB).

Texas Instruments  SN65LVDS386EVM

Texas Instruments has designed easy-to-use evaluation modules (EVMs) for its 16-channel Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) driver and receivers. Flexibility has been designed into these EVMs so they can be set up in a point-to-point topology (1 driver to 1 receiver) or a multidrop topology (1 driver to various receivers). Detailed instructions and diagrams have been included for the above-mentioned interconnections to facilitate setup and help system designers reduce design cycle time.