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Evaluation Module for the LVCP600S



  • Free-standing evaluation for SAS or SATA applications
  • Reference Design for cable extensions
  • On-Board Jumpers to adjust:
    • De-Emphasis
    • Equalization
    • Squelch Threshold
  • Can be configured for either SAS or SATA applications

Texas Instruments  SN75LVCP600SEVM

The SN75LVCP600SEVM is designed to provide easy evaluation of the LVCP600S. It is also meant to serve as a reference design to show a practical example of how to design the device in production designs.The interface to the EVM consists of two standard SATA connectors. Therefore, in order to connect the EVM to your system set up, you will most likely need 2 Standard SATA cables that are not provided with the EVM.