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Battery Board for System-on-Chips



A SOC-BB contains 1x Battery Board for System-on-Chips with

  • connector for 1 EM
  • connector for 2x AA cell batteries
  • debug connector for SoCs
  • i/o connector to access i/o pins on SoC
  • 1 LED and 1 push button

Texas Instruments  SOC-BB

The SOC-BB is a battery board that can be used with CC2510, CC1110, CC2430 and CC2431 System-on-Chip EM modules to make battery operated nodes. It can also be used with CC1100, CC1101, CC2500 transceiver EM modules and an external microcontroller board connected by SPI interface.

The main function of the SOC-BB is to power an EM module with two AA cell batteries. The board also contains an LED and a push button which can serve the application running on a SOC EM module mounted on this board (not included).