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SRC4194EVM Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Supports operation from a single +5V power supply
  • Flexible power-supply configuration using either onboard voltage regulators or external supplies
  • Buffered Input and Output serial ports support connection to external hardware and test systems
  • Two 75 ohm AES3 inputs with onboard receivers supporting input sampling rates up to 108kHz
  • Two 75 ohm AES3 outputs supporting sampling rates up to 192KHz
  • Flexible SRC reference clock generation using onboard PLL circuitry or external clock sources
  • Supports the hardware mode operation using onboard switches
  • Supports software mode operation using the buffered host port interface
    • Texas Instruments  SRC4194EVM

      The SRC4194EVM provides a hardware platform for evaluating the SRC4194 4-channel asynchronous sample rate converter. The EVM contains multiple audio input and out port interfaces, reference clock generation circuitry, switches for Hardware mode configuration including logic functions. A buffered host port interface, when configured for Software mode operation, communicates with the SRC4194SPI port. The User's Guide provides operational and configuration details for the various hardware functions included on the EVM board.