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SRC4382 Evaluation Module (EVM) and USB motherboard



  • Buffered headers support up to four audio and serial interfaces, compatible with I2S™ style or TDM data formats
  • Flexible reference and master clock generation are supported, using either onboard oscillators or external clock sources
  • Onboard linear regulators derive +1.8 V, +3.3 V, and +5 V power supplies from external supplies or the USB port
  • Power maybe provided from a wall adapter (included) or a +5 V power supply
  • LED indicators are provided for DIR Lock and SRC Ready output flags

Texas Instruments  SRC4382EVM-PDK

The SRC4382EVM-PDK provides a modular solution for evaluating the function and performance of the SRC4382 device from Texas Instruments. The PDK includes a motherboard (DAIMB) and a daughterboard (SRC4382EVM). These boards are plugged into each other to allow a complete solution for analysis of the SRC4382 using a desk top computer. The modular design allows for common functions to be integrated onto the DAIMB motherboard, while device-specific functions are integrated onto the daughterboard EVM.