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TAS2560 5.6W Class-D Audio Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • TAS2560 5.7W Class-D Audio Amplifier w/ IV Sense
  • USB cable for control and digital audio input
  • PurePath console 3 software access
  • Stereo capable when connecting two TAS2560 evaluation modules

Texas Instruments  TAS2560EVM

The TAS2560 evaluation module enables users to quickly and easily evaluate the TAS2560 audio amplifier.  This small reference design comes with an USB cable to easily connect the board to your PC and control with a register based graphical user interface provided within PurePath™ Console 3 (PPC3).  The USB cable also allows for audio routing directly to the EVM.  Users can evaluate the audio quality and analog performance that the TAS2560 provides.  A +5V power supply and speaker, not included, is required for power and audio evaluation.