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TAS2563 Class D digital input IV sense audio amplifier with DSP evaluation module

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Features for the TAS2563YBGEVM-DC

  • TAS2563 Digital input mono class-D audio amplifier with speaker IV sense and intergrated DSP
  • Mono or stereo evaluation
  • USB input
  • Compatible with Smart Amp characterization board
  • Interface using PurePath Console 3 Windows software

Description for the TAS2563YBGEVM-DC

To get started:

Step 1: Hardware
Order TAS2563YBGEVM-DC evaluation boardTAS2563 motherboardPP-SALB2-EVM learning board

Step 2: Software
Request PurePath Console 3 (PPC3) control GUI, be sure to indicate you are working with the TAS2563YBGEVM-DC

Step 3: Training
Review training video for speaker characterization and Smart Amp tuning guide
This daughter card evaluation module is designed to be used in conjunction with the PPC3-EVM-MB. This EVM provides the designer with the tools to integrate our smart amp portfolio into their application. The onboard DSP of the TAS2563 device enables the designer to characterize their speaker using the Smart Amp Learning board (link) and tune the audio output using the Purepath Console 3 software (link). This EVM can be evaluated in mono or stereo configuration with the ability to enable/disable IV sense. These features create a tailored SoC performance that fits the designer's end equipment demands.