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TAS5176DDW6 Evaluation Module (EVM)



• 6 channel PurePath Digital™ evaluation module (double-sided plated throughPCB layout)
• Self-contained protection system (short circuit & thermal)
• Standard I2S and I2C / Control connector for TI input board
• Double-sided plated-through PCB layout.

• Full documentation on CD ROM
• Populated EVM Board
• Populated Interface Board
• IDC, PSU and USB Cables

Texas Instruments  TAS5176DDW6EVM

The TAS5176DDW6EVM PurePath Digital™ customer evaluation module demonstrates the integrated circuits TAS5176DDW and TAS5086DBT from Texas Instruments (TI).

The TAS5176 is a high performance, six-channel, digital-amplifier system with an advanced protection system. The TAS5176 together with a high performance modulator like the TAS5086 shows low noise, low THD+N and low idle power dissipation. Driving into clipping, 10% THD+N, the TAS5176 is capable of sourcing more than 15W into a 8-Ω, single ended load (SE) per each front/satellite channel and a 4-Ω, single ended load (SE) subwoofer greater than 25 W.

The TAS5086 is a six-channel digital pulse-width modulator (PWM) that provides both advanced performance and a high level of system integration. The TAS5086 is designed to interface seamlessly with most audio digital signal processors and MPEG decoders, accepting a wide range of input data and clock formats.

This EVM, together with a TI input-USB board, is a complete 5.1 channels digital audio amplifier system which includes digital input (S/PDIF), analog inputs, interface to PC and DAP features like digital volume control, input and output mux's, automute. There is configuration option for power stage failure protection.

This 5.1 system is designed for home theater applications such as DVD receivers, DVD minicomponent systems or home theater in a box (HTIB) and LCD TV's.