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TAS5412Q1PHDEVM Two-Channel Automotive Digital Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • Provides a platform to test the ability of the amplifier to deliver 28W/channel into 4 Ω and 46W/channel into 2 Ω at typical car battery voltage (14.4V)
  • Highlights TI's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) leadership
  • Requires minimum external filtering components
  • Includes an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) with indicators for power, fault, mute, standby, and Clip/over-temp-warning
  • Offers full Speaker diagnostics that can be accessed through a USB interface

Texas Instruments  TAS5412Q1PHDEVM

This evaluation module enables users to test the capabilities of the TAS5412-Q1 including EMC testing to make designing easier and time to market faster. The TAS5412-Q1 two channel Class D amplifier can be designed into applications for automotive audio/infotainment, smart glass to electrically control the transmission of light through windows or skylights, seat vibration to alert driver of changing environments, artificial sound generation to create sense of engine noise for electric vehicles just to name a few!