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A 96KHz PWM Modulator with integrated ASRC and Audio Processor Evaluation Module/Board (TAS5558/48)



  • Stand-alone board, nothing else is needed except for a USB cable and head phones
  • USB powered
  • I2S audio streams through USB port
  • Stereo channel output via 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Access to control signal gain and data format through EVM-software GUI
  • Used to evaluate both TAS5548 and TAS5558
  • Requires registration to download PurePathConsole GUI to control the board
  • Texas Instruments  TAS5548EVM

    For consumer and prosumer audio customers who want improved multi-channel performance the TAS5548/TAS5558 are the industry's first PWM Modulators that provide 8 channels of advanced audio processing with integrated 8-channel Asynchronous Sample Rate conversion (ASRC). The TAS5548/TAS5558 support ASRC, pop free single-ended operation, energy manager, DTS-HD compatibility, Power Supply Volume Control, as well as mixing of two different sample rate streams.

    The TAS5548EVM provides a quick evaluation for TAS5548/TAS5558 functions using the PurePath™ Console GUI: DRC, programmable EQ, Energy management, etc. The TAS5548EVM ships with a TAS5548 IC mounted on it. To evaluate the TAS5558, simply replace the IC with a free sample available from TI!