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TAS5630PHD Evaluation Module



  • Stereo PurePath™ Premier Pro evaluation module.
  • Self-contained protection system (short circuit and thermal).
  • Standard 1VRMS single ended line input or differential input.
  • Double-sided, plated-through PCB layout.

Texas Instruments  TAS5630PHD2EVM

The TAS5630PHD2EVM PurePath™ Premier Pro customer evaluation module demonstrates theintegrated circuit TAS5630PHD from Texas Instruments (TI).The TAS5630PHD is a high-performance, integrated Stereo Feedback Analog-Input Digital Amplifier Power Stage designed to drive 4Ω speakers at up to 300W per channel. This amplifier requires only a simple passive demodulation filter to deliver high-quality, high-efficiency audio amplification.This EVM is configured with 2 BTL channels and the possibility to apply either a single ended or adifferential analog input signal. It is also possible to configure the two BTL channels into one parallel BTL (PBTL) channel.The OPA1632 is a High Performance Fully Differential Audio Op Amp designed to allow operation with single ended or differential input signals to the EVM. This EVM is a complete stereo analog input 2 × 300 W power amplifier ready for evaluation and great music.