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TAS5634 300W Stereo/600W Mono HD Digital Input, 58V Class-D Amplifier Power Stage Evaluation Module



  • High-power audio evaluation module
  • Self-contained protection system (short circuit, clip, and thermal)
  • SPDIF (Optical or COAX), USB-audio, or analog plug-in board I2S digital input BTL, PBTL, and SE output configuration support
  • Single-supply voltage range 15–58 V
  • Double-sided, plated-through, 2-oz. Cu, 4-layer PCB layout

Texas Instruments  TAS5634EVM

The TAS5634EVM evaluation module demonstrates the TAS5634DDV integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. The TAS5634DDV is a high-power class-D with high-efficiency class-D technology. This EVM supports two BTL (stereo 2.0) output channels, one PBTL (mono 0.1) output channel, one BTL plus two SE (2.1) output channels, or four SE (4.0) output channels configurations. The EVM contains a TAS5558 modulator which converts I2S audio input to the PWM signal which the TAS5634 uses as input. A built-in MSP430 microcontroller and DIX4192 audio transceiver handle translation from USB-audio or either SPDIF input and allows the TAS5558 modulator to accept input from various digital sources. The Analog Plug-in Board connector also allows digital audio plug-in boards to be used with the TAS5634EVM. The TAS5634EVM is a complete digital input solution with an output power of up to 2×300-W stereo, or 1×600-W mono.