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TAS5707 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Includes a 20-W digital-input audio power amplifiers in a 48-pin QFP
  • Includes the MC57xxPSIA Controller board
  • Self-contained protection systems and control pins
  • Standard optical S/PDIF data input using the DIR9001
  • Analog input through the PCM1808 analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Access to internal registers via TAS570x Software GUI (sloc124a.zip)
  • Double-sided, plated-through PCB, 1-oz copper

Texas Instruments  TAS5707EVM

The TAS5707 evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the TAS5707 device from Texas Instruments.

The TAS5707EVM demonstrates a high-performance 20-W digital-input audio power amplifier. This EVM can be configured with two bridge-tied loads (BTL). For detailed information about the TAS5707 device, review the device data sheet (SLOS556).

The EVM software with its graphic user interface (GUI) facilitates evaluation by providing access to the TAS5707 registers through a USB port. See the Using the EVM Software section for further details.

The TAS5707EVM, together with other TI components on this board, is a complete 2-channel digital audio amplifier system. The MC57xxPSIA Controller board includes a USB interface, a digital input (S/PDIF), analog inputs via the ADC, power inputs, and other features like a mute function and power down.