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TAS5719EVM Evaluation Module



  • Channel evaluation module design.
  • Self-contained protection systems and control pins.
  • USB interface.
  • Standard I2S data input using optical or coaxial inputs.
  • Analog input through analog-to-digital converter.
  • Subwoofer connection—the PWM terminal provides the PWM signal and power to an external subwoofer board.
  • Double-sided, plated-through PCB, 1oz copper, 2mm.
  • Access to control signal gain and data format through EVM-software GUI.

Texas Instruments  TAS5719EVM

The TAS5719EVM evaluation module demonstrates the capabilities TAS5719PHP. The TAS5719 combines a 15W stereo class-D audio power amplifier with TI's patented DirectPath ground-centered headphone. This EVM and accompanying materials allows the user to experiment with the two-band DRC, the programmable EQ, Digital THD manager and configure the ground-centered output path as either a 2Vrms line driver or as a 40mW headphone. For detailed information about the TAS5719 capabilities, review the data sheet available on TI.com.