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TAS5733L Digital Input, Open-Loop Class-D Audio Amplifier Evaluation Module



  • 10-W/8-Ω Stereo and 20-W/4-Ω Mono outputs with 12-V supply
  • I2S input, 8kHz-48kHz Fs, configurable I2C Address, ternary modulation, up to 10 BQ per channel, 3-Band AGL and a Full band AGL
  • Wide supply voltage capabilities, from 8V to 16.5V
  • TAS5733LEVM is configured as a 2.1 solution using one TAS5733L for left/right, and the second configured in PBTL for sub-woofer drive
  • PurePath Console Mother Board provides flexible input signal routing (USB, SPDIF, and analog) and USB connection for control and configuration via PurePath Console 3 GUI

Texas Instruments  TAS5733LEVM

The TAS5733LEVM allows evaluation of the TAS5733L, I2S-input, open loop amplifier from Texas Instruments. The evaluation module is populated with two TAS5733L devices, one configured for two channel operation and one configured for mono operation. The TAS5733L combine a PWM processor with an open loop class-D audio power amplifier. The TAS5733LEVM operates from a single 8V to 16.5V power supply. The TAS5733LEVM combined with a PurePath™ Console Mother Board (PurePath-CMBEVM – must be ordered separately) and PurePath™ Console GUI (PurePathConsole – must be requested separately) compose a complete audio evaluation system that allows audio inputs from a variety of sources and a GUI to control the device and supporting circuitry.

NOTE: Prior authorization is required to download the GUI. We strive to respond to all requests within three business days. However, if you don’t get a response within four business days, please post a request on e2e to let us know.