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TAS5782M Digital Input Closed-Loop Class-D Audio Amplifier with 96-kHz Processing Evaluation Module

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Features for the TAS5782MEVM

  • 96-kHz Input Sample Rate Support
  • 2.0, Mono and 2.1 Capable
  • PurePath Console Mother Board provides flexible input signal routing (USB, SPDIF, and analog)
  • Demonstration, Evaluation and Development environment via the PurePath Console 3 software (GUI)

Description for the TAS5782MEVM

To get started:

Step 1: Hardware
Order TAS5782M Evaluation Module
For TAS5782M tuning and evaluation: order the PurePath™ Console Motherboard
If you intend to use Smart Amp features, order the Speaker Characterization Board for PurePath™ Audio Smart Amp

Step 2: Software
Request access to PurePath™ Console and TAS5782M Software
If you intend to use Smart Amp features, request access to the learning board software

Step 3: Training
Download the TAS5782M Evaluation Module User's Guide
If you intend to use Smart Amp features, download the Getting Started with Smart Amp Development app note
Read the TAS5782M Process Flows application note

The TAS5782MEVM showcases the latest TI digital input Class-D closed loop amplifier TAS5782M. The EVM is used in conjunction with the PurePath Console Motherboard (PPCMB) and the PurePath Console 3 Software. There are two TAS5780M devices present on the EVM, which allows the user to evaluate the device in both stereo and mono mode. Additionally, having two devices on the EVM allows the user to evaluate process flows that are specifically designed for stereo, mono or 2.1 systems. The PVDD supply is provided via the TAS5782MEVM and is regulated to 5 VDC and 3.3 VDC on the PPCMB. The PPCMB provides the I2S, I2C, and 3.3 VDC to the TAS5782MEVM.