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Evaluation module for TCA7408 and TCA5405



  • Works with MSP430 Launchpad
  • Illustrates the use of TPL0401 DPOT for color mixing
  • TCA7408 used for key press detection
  • Shows the use of Single wire self timed interface in TCA5405
  • Color mixing, LED blinking control

Texas Instruments  TCA7408-5405EVM

The TCA7408-5405EVM is designed to show the used of multiple TI products on a single evaluation board. It shows how the single-wire 5-bit output expander TCA5405 is used to generate LED blinking functions. The Single wire interface is implemented using a single GPIO port on the MSP430, and very simple firmware embedded in the device. The TCA7408 GPIO expander is used to an input handler, that detects Key presses and notifies the MSP430. The EVM also has the TPL0401 that is used for RGB color mixing in conjunction with the TLC59108.