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TCA8418E-EVM I2C Controlled Keypad Scan IC With Integrated ESD Protection Evaluation Module



  • Provides a keypad to demonstrate the key scanning function of the TCA8418E
  • Provides a port that allows the customer to connect all row and column pins to a custom keypad or board
  • Connectivity with the MSP430-G2 allows the customer to use the GUI interface for easy register access and control.

Texas Instruments  TCA8418E-EVM

The TCA8418E-EVM is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the key scanning functionality of the TCA8418E keypad scan IC. The EVM comes with 9 buttons configured in a row/column matrix for easy testing. In addition, the 10x2 receptacle allows the customer to expand the functionality of the TCA8418E-EVM to a custom board or keypad if more rows or columns are needed. The TCA8418E-EVM can be controlled using the I2C headers or via the LaunchPad, which can interface with the TCA8418-EVM GUI. The power to the TCA8418E-EVM can be supplied by the MSP430 LaunchPad or applied externally.