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TDP142 DisplayPort™ 8.1 Gbps Linear Redriver Evaluation Module


  • Plug and play design.
  • Power the EVM by USB VBUS or 5- to 5.5-V DC IN through a power jack.
  • Access the I2C bus through headers
  • Configurable through dip Switches

Texas Instruments  TDP142EVM

The TDP142 is a DisplayPortTM(DP) linear redriver that is able to snoop AUX and HPD signals. The device complies with the VESA DisplayPort standard Version 1.4, and supports a 1-4 lane Main Link interface signaling up to HBR3 (8.1 Gbps per lane). Additionally, this device is position independent. It can be placed inside source, cable or sink effectively providing a negative loss component to the overall link budget.