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THS1206M Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the THS1206 family of high-speed simultaneous sampling analog to digital converters
  • Analog inputs can be configured as single-ended or differential
  • Built-in reference
  • High-speed parallel interface
  • Compatible with the 5-6K Interface Card for use with a variety of DSP Starter kits

Texas Instruments  THS1206M-EVM

This EVM can accommodate all eight devices of the THS1206 family of data converters. This family consists of high-speed, low power, 10 and 12-bit ADCs that operate from independent 5V, Avdd, and 3.0-5.25V, DVdd, supplies. Independent buffer supply, BVdd, eliminates the need for level-shifting circuitry when the device is used with low voltage host controllers. The family of converters includes two and four channel devices operating up to a maximum sampling rate of 8MSPS. The EVM layout shows the pin compatibility and upgrade path possibilities from the 10, two channel THS10082 to the 12 bit four-channel THS1206.