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THS3062EVM Evaluation Module



  • Power supply: single 10 to 30 Vdc, dual +/-5Vdc to +/-15Vdc
  • Input impedance is 50W for V1in-, V1in+, and V2in+
  • Load resistance is 1 KW for each channel
  • Connectors are -Vs, GND, +Vs, In1+, In1-, Out1+, In2+, In2-, Out2-
  • Input/Output connectors are SMA, and power connectors are banana

Texas Instruments  THS3062EVM

The THS3062EVM is designed to demonstrate the functionality and versatility of the device. The EVM is ready for power, input signal, and test instruments. Gain is adjustable by changing the feedback and gain resistors. Channel 1 has a default gain of (-1) or +2 (depending upon which input is used), and channel 2 has a gain of +1.