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THS3096 Evaluation Module



  • Unity gain stable
  • Power down
  • Adjustable for inverting and non-inverting gain configurations
  • SMA connectors on input and output ports
  • 50 ohm input and output impedance matching
  • Supply voltage range
    • Single supply +10V to +30V
    • Split supply +/-5.0 to +/-15.0V
  • Power supply via banana jack connectors
  • Ferrite beads on the supply connections
  • Decoupling capacitors

Texas Instruments  THS3096EVM

The THS3096 evaluation module (EVM) User's Guide is included within the Datasheet.

The THS3096EVM provides a platform for evaluating the THS3096 dual, high-voltage, low distortion, high speed, current-feedback amplifier. The user needs only power, input signal, and test instruments to operate the EVM.


  • High-Voltage Arbitrary Waveform
  • Power FET Driver
  • Pin Driver
  • VDSL Line Driver