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THS3115EVM Evaluation Module



  • Wide operating supply voltage range: dual supply +/-5 to +/-15 Vdc operation
  • Unity gain inverting stage (channel 1 of the IC)
  • Noninverting stage with a gain of 2 (channel 2 of the IC)
  • The user can reconfigure as required
  • Power supply ripple rejection capacitors (C1 and C2)
  • Shutdown

Texas Instruments  THS3115EVM

The THS3115 Evaluation Board with Shutdown provides a platform for developing high-speed current-feedback application circuits.  It contains the THS3115 high-speed IC, a number of passive components, and  various features and footprints that enable the user to experiment, test, and verify various operational amplifier circuit implementations. It is also a good example of a high-speed PCB design.