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THS3201 Evaluation Module



  • Power Supply: Single 6.6 to 15 Vdc, dual +/-3.3Vdc to +/-7.5 Vdc
  • Power supply ripple rejection
  • Input impedance is 50
  • Decoupling capacitors
  • Output load of 100
  • Connections: -Vs, GND, +Vs, V In+, V In-, V Out, and test points
  • Input and Output signals are via SMA connectors, and power connectors are via banana jack

Texas Instruments  THS3201EVM

The THS3201EVM provides a platform for evaluating the THS3201 high-speed current-feedback amplifier. The user needs only power, input signal, and test instruments to operate the EVM. The gain can be changed by changing the feedback and gain resistors. For a list of recommended resistor values, see the THS3201 Datasheet.