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THS3202 Evaluation Module



  • Power Supply: Single 6.6 to 15 Vdc, dual +/-3Vdc to +/-7.5 Vdc
  • Power supply ripple rejection
  • Input impedance is 50W
  • Decoupling capacitors
  • Output load of 500W
  • Connections: Vs-, GND, Vs+, Vin1+, Vin1-, Vin2+, Vin2-, Vout1, Vout2, and testpoints
  • Input and Output signals are via SMA connectors, and power connectors are via banana plugs

Texas Instruments  THS3202EVM

The THS3202EVM provides a platform for developing dual amplifier circuits on the same board. The user needs only add power, input signal, and test instruments to operate the EVM. The user can change the feedback and gain resistors to change the gains.

The default configuration is:

  • Channel 1: Gain = +2 or -1 (depending upon which input is connected to the signal source).
  • Channel 2: Gain = +1.