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THS4221 Evaluation Module



  • Power Supply: single 2.7 to 15 Vdc, dual +/-1.35 to 7.5 Vdc
  • Termination impedance is 50 Ohms on V1in-, V1in+, V2in+, but can be reconfigured
  • Load impedance is 1K Ohms on channel 1 and 500 Ohms on channel 2
  • Connectors: Vs+, GND, Vs-, V1in+, V1out, V2in+, V2in-, V2out, test points
  • Input and Output signals are via SMA connectors, and power connectors are via banana plugs

Texas Instruments  THS4221EVM

This EVM is used for testing the THS4221. It is fully populated, ready for testing-just add power, signal source, and monitoring instruments. The gain can be changed by changing the feedback and gain resistors. For a list of recommended resistor values, see the THS4221 Datasheet.