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THS4271 Evaluation Module



  • Power supply: single 4.5 to 15 Vdc, dual +/-2.5Vdc to +/-7.5Vdc
  • Input impedance is 50W for Vin- and Vout
  • Load resistance is 500W
  • Power down connection uses test points (THS4275 only)
  • Connectors are -Vs, GND, +Vs, In+, In-, Out+, testpoints
  • Input/Output connectors are SMA, and power connectors are banana

Texas Instruments  THS4271EVM

The THS4271EVM and THS4275EVM are designed to demonstrate the functionality and versatility of the device. There are three versions of the EVM: gains >+2/-1 with shutdown (THS4275EVM), gains >+2/-1 without shutdown (THS4271EVM), and noninverting unity gain configuration w/o shutdown (THS4271EVM-UG). The EVM is ready for power, input signal, and test instruments. Gain is adjustable by changing the feedback and gain resistors.