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THS5651A 10-Bit, 125-MSPS Digital-to-Analog Converter Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  THS5651EVM

The THS56x1 evaluation module (EVM) allows the user to easily evaluate the THS56x1A CommsDAC family. The THS56x1A family features 125 MSPS update rate and is specifically optimized for use in high-speed digital communication applications. The CommsDAC family consists of the pin-compatible 8-bit resolution THS5641A, 10-bit THS5651A, 12-bit THS5661A, and 14-b THS5671A digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

The THS56x1 EVM can be either connected to the TMS320C542/TMS320C54xx DSP or to a pattern generator. The DSP interface is controlled by user friendly software, Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio (CCS) Development Environment. The EVM gives the user the possibility to evaluate different types of DAC output interface circuits (e.g. single-ended 50 Ohm resistor load, OpAmp buffered output, or transformer coupled output). The EVM additionally enables the use of either internal or external voltage reference and biasing of the full-scale output current.