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THS6043 Evaluation Module



  • Power Supply: ±5Vdc to ±15 Vdc
  • Active termination capability
  • Snubber circuit for use with active termination
  • Test points for receive path signal
  • Noninverting gain configuration for DSL
  • Virtual ground capability
  • Power down capability
  • HPF function for ADSL
  • Single amp gain stage capability
  • Single-ended inverting, or noninverting, gain stage capability
  • Prototype area available (.1 centers) 1.7 x 1.3
  • Short-loop length for the power supply differential high-frequency path
  • Connectors: -Vcc, GND, +Vcc, In (+), In (-), Out (+), Out (-), testpoints
  • Input and Output signals are via BNC connectors, and power are banana

Texas Instruments  THS6043EVM

The THS6043EVM has a fully functional ADSL driver circuit, ready for power, input signal, and test instruments. The default configuration is a gain of approximately 8, and load impedance of 50W. Both of these configurations can be changed by changing some of the components.