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THS6212 Evaluation Module



  • Configured for split-supply operation and easily modified for single supply
  • Designed for single-ended input and output connection facilitated by the on-board balun
  • Simple interface to the inputs and outputs through SMA connectors
  • Bias mode settings changed using jumper connectors

Texas Instruments  THS6212EVM

The THS6212 Evaluation module (EVM) is used to evaluate the THS6212, which is single-port current-feedback architecture, differential line driver amplifier system in a 24-pin QFN package. The EVM is designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the functionality and performance of THS6212 in a gain of 10-V/V, driving a RLOAD = 100Ω. The EVM is ready to connect to power supplies, signal source, and test instruments through the use of on-board connectors. The board is setup for single-ended input and output operation for interfacing with 50Ω test equipments. By default, the THS6212EVM comes with the bias setting in Full Bias mode and can be configured in Mid Bias and Low Bias modes using jumper connectors.